What is "PLC"?

Sequence Control Lesson

"PLC" is an abbreviation of "Programmable Logic Controller".And "PLC" is called "Programmable Controllers".

Appearance varies from manufacturer.There are compact models with excellent cost performance and high performance models. This is a picture of the "F Series".


When operating with a microcomputer or the like, it is necessary to use a circuit to remove noise and a power supply. PLC has such a circuit built in.Editing is possible even during program operation, and partial editing is also possible.

The cost will be more expensive than the microcomputer alone.It is used for industrial equipment called special purpose machine. Because unlike microcomputer, editing is easy and versatility is available.

PLC is not used for mass production equipment.Because it is too expensive. Examples include appliance.In order to reduce the cost and to make it smaller, we use a microcomputer for appliance.

Let's explain sequence control.At first it may be difficult, but please do not give up.


This is a Japanese reference books.

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