What is "Sequence Control"?

Sequence Control Lesson

Sequence control is defined as "control for successively advancing each step of a control procedure according to a predetermined order or an order determined according to a fixed logic."

It's run a program after make a program in advance.

For example Parts conveyed by belt conveyor.When the part goes to the end of conveyor, the robot grasps the part and places it on the desk. This operation is also performed by sequence control.
The robot has a sensor for finding part.When this sensor responds, it will grab the part.Grasp the part and move the part to the desk like this. This kind of operation is done by sequence control.

Elevator is familiar.If you press the button then elevator is about to come here in a minute.And the door opens. If you press the destination button then elevator will move. The door opens when you arrive.This is also sequence control.

Sequence control seems to move only in order.Sequence control semms that only one kind of movement can be done. But if condition are added then complex operation is slso possible.
And you can easily edit programs.You can also edit the program in during execution of the program.
It is widely used in industrial equipment because it is easy to use like this.


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